Skid steer stump grinder


Recommendes HP Size 12-30 HP
Maximum carrier size 8-14 GPM
Motor type Gerotor
Rotor size 18″
Number of teeth 12
Tooth construction Green
Cutting wheel speed Depends on GPM
Cutting depth below ground 6″
Maximum horizontal cut 12″
Swing Arc Self-feeding
Hub torque 15o Lbs
Hitch 1″ pivot pins
Unit weight 394 Lbs


The S14 skid steer stump grinder is designed with simple operation in mind, with no required electrical connection. The direct flow hydraulic drive is designed to provide the best torque and RPM to the cutting head as no flow is diverted to a swing cylinder. The S14 mini tool carrier stump grinder features green carbide teeth which can be rotated three times, letting you grind stumps longer and faster on very low flow. The unique positioning of the rotor allows the operator an excellent view of the grinding action and the heavy duty fixed deflector safely directs the flow of debris. Cutting depth is up to 10″ below ground. The S14’s size and the available mini skid steer mount makes it a great stump grinder for better access to tight areas and a nice addition to the rental offering on a mini skidsteer.
By a quick pull of two pins a standard size skidsteer plate can be put on as well.


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