Drive Motors / Earth Drills

Applications include:
Fencing Landscaping
Tree planting
Well boring
Foundation piles
Screw pile installations
Ground source
Heat pumps
Pole and mast installations
Road signage Sound barriers
Exploration and research

Features of our Earth Drill
Forged hood ears
Hose & Coupler options
High quality hydraulic motors
Epicyclic gearbox
Non-dislodgement shaft

Uniforce, the benchmark for professionals!

Best Guarantee in the Industry

Hydraulic Drives for Drilling & Anchoring

Available for machines from 0.8 to 45 Tons


Available with Shock Lock, Tungsten or Carbide teeth.

Specialized made to order Auger bits available.

Inventory of augers from 4’’ to 48’’ for all types.

Distributor for all major brands such as:



All Earth Drills come standard with high quality hoses and couplers (excludes larger units).


We work closely with high quality suppliers to develop the most reliable attachments available on the market today.


Torque is amplified by using the unique planetary gearbox. This system allows the motors output torque to be multiplied with extreme efficiency as well as ensuring the durability and reliability you need.


Standard with all Earth Drills in areas that we know will take a lot of strain. All hood pins are locked for extra safety making it impossible for the hood to detach from your hitch.


The Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single piece drive shaft assembled top down and locked into the Earth Drill housing. This design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out, making for a safer work environment, not only for the operator but also any surrounding workers, a MUST-HAVE FEATURE for any safety conscious company.

HUB OPTIONS Augers are available with all major standard hubs on the market, including: 2”, 2.5”, 3”and 4” Hex 2” and 2.56” Round 2.25”, 2.96”, 3.94”, 4.33” and 5.125” Square …to name but a few.



En plus de la configuration des dents, l’angle des porte-dents a également été optimisé. La terre est dirigée dans le chemin de la spirale de manière plus efficace pour une coupe fraîche à chaque tour, évitant les colmatages.

L’utilisation d’une rallonge télescopique améliore l’efficacité pour le perçage de trous profonds. L’extension télescopique est placée à l’intérieur de la mèche, ainsi, l’espace de stockage est réduit à son minimum. En plus des extensions standards avec longueur fixe, UniForce vous offre une gamme de rallonges télescopiques pour les tarières des séries S5, S6 et PA.

Les portes-dents des tarières avec Shock Lock peuvent être fournies avec des dents Terre et Tungstène. Les pilotes interchangeables permettent différentes conditions de sol. Les dents à roc ont le verrouillage à cône. Des pilotes supplémentaires, Terre, Tungstène, Extra-cave et Roc sont disponibles.

Construction robuste forgée et montage facile. Des extensions pour pilotes permettent à la tarière de maintenir son axe avec précision dans un sol difficile. Améliore les performances dans les terrains en pente. Technologie de vis d‘ancrage industrielle. Garde la terre sur les spires lors de l‘enlèvement. Le rapport le plus efficace entre la quantité de terre enlevée et la vitesse de fonctionnement.

Notre système unique et breveté de verrouillage de dent Shock Lock TM est conçu pour réduire les ruptures dues à l‘usure, en utilisant une bande de caoutchouc qui absorbe les chocs. Une goupille de verrouillage empêche la perte de la dent.

HEAVY DUTY TUBE We know that our Augers can expect a tough life, so we only use the highest-grade steel and vary our tube size according to machine size and application. Our Augers have a reputation of being the toughest on the market.

By working with and, more importantly, listening to operators feedback we have developed the perfect pitch for our flights. It will cut at its maximum efficiency and, most importantly the spoil will stay on your Auger when you remove it from the hole.

Our boring heads are designed with a Constant Spiral Cut. Teeth are located so that each makes its own fresh cut on every revolution and are angled to direct spoil towards the centre of the auger. The tooth cutting angle ensures spoil is broken up thoroughly to avoid any clogging.

PILOT AND TOOTH OPTIONS Augers are offered with many different tooth and pilot options to suit your specific need. For example, in the S4 range we offer up to eight different combinations and we have the know-how to help you select the optimal configuration.

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